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With the gorgeous weather that we have had today in the U.K I thought it was the perfect day to post about festivals, even if it is looking unlikely that I will be attending any this year. A big thank you to the wonderful Jamie @ Bubbly Books for tagging me!


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My book festival:

Author Lineup – name your top three authors:

  1. Malorie Blackman – her books impacted me so much when I was younger
  2. Sarah Knight – the anti-guru never fails to change the way I see things
  3. Jamie McGuire – I am never not in the mood to read one of her books

The Official Schedule – how do you determine what books you are going to read next?

I have so many books that I want to read and if I had them all honestly I would be so overwhelmed. A huge part of my decision is access. I used the Libby library app a lot and the books I want I usually have to put on hold so once that becomes available I tend jump straight to reading it. I don’t actually own a lot of books and I much prefer physical copies so I’m hoping actual libraries open again soon!

When I have a lot of books to read though it usually depends on my mood. If I need a little pick-me-up I’ll read a lighthearted romance and if I want something with more grit I’ll read a thriller.

ARC Drops – what ARC would you wait hours in line for?

Beach Read by Emily Henry – I have heard so many good things about this book and was so jealous of everyone who managed to get a copy of it! I wished for it on NetGalley but it’s not looking promising so I may just have to wait.

How to Disappear by Gillian McAllister – another one that I have seen so many other book bloggers receiving a copy of and it looks like my kind of book. Again I have requested it on NetGalley so fingers crossed!

The Swag – what bookish merch/pre-order incentives/etc. is your favourite?

I mean bookmarks have to be on the list. I have a huge collection of bookmarks somewhere but I never seem to be able to find them when I need them and use scraps of paper. Either way, bookmarks are an essential! I also just love t-shirts so book themed t-shirts would be fab.

The Panels – what topic would you love to see some of your favourite author’s talk about?

I would love to see the author’s tackle the topic of mental health. It is a topic that is so dear to me and something that I would love to hear how authors write about it, whether it is from their personal experience or the experience of those close to them. I would love to know how they deal with with the topic when adding these elements of mental and emotional struggle to their characters. Also a good theme this week as it is Mental Health Awareness Week in the U.K.

Yallfest, Yallwest, BookCon/BookExpo, YALC, Etc – what book festival/con would you go to if you had the choice?

If I got the opportunity I would love to go to all of them! But if I did have to pick one I would choose BookCon purely because it is in New York Cities and that will forever be one of my favourite cities.

Tag you’re it

I nominate Jules, Stephen and Noly

There is no pressure to take part! Also if you want to take part and didn’t get tagged feel free to tag yourself!

Have you guys ever been to a book festival? If you have which one? If you haven’t would you ever consider going to one? Let me know in the comments.


  1. What a great tag, I’d never heard of your 3 picked authors before but I’ll definitely have to check them out. I really loved your answers and I agree that bookmarks are essential!!!


  2. Omg I want library to reopen soo badly!! I’m such a mood reader and library’s def help me get books faster and save money! I’m also dying to read Beach Read since I’ve heard so many good things about it! Loved reading your answers and I’m so glad u decided to do the tag 💛💛


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