I am Alice, a 21 year old law student. I have been reading from a very young age. I used to have piles of books bigger than me that I had taken out of the library and I was always the first to finish the reading challenge they did over the summer. Even well into my teens I was still reading through a crazy amount of books. It was only when I starting doing my A-Levels that my reading calmed down and slowly began to tail off. As a law student I was only reading textbooks and cases, I was set so much that I couldn’t bear the thought of picking up a book and reading more.

After a rough year abroad this year, I started getting back into reading books as they helped me to forget what I was going through. My passion for reading came back with a vengeance and it was only since lockdown that I had the time to fully invest into a blog like this, and I am so glad that I took the plunge. This blog has given me more of a purpose during lockdown and I get excited about reading again.

I read a lot using the library as previously I used to buy books from charity shops and give them back once I had finished. This means that currently I don’t own a lot of books. This is something I am planning to change as I much prefer a physical copy to an ebook.

All my links are at the bottom of my posts. Don’t hesitate to follow, comment and interact with me, I love hearing from all of you. I am always looking for book recommendations and my messages are always open if you need me.

Lots of love 💗

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