Review: If We’re Not Married By Thirty – Anna Bell

My rating: 4.5/5 stars

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Lydia never imagined that at thirty she would be newly single, living in her sister’s basement and in a job that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Then by chance she bumps into her childhood friend, the lovely and handsome Danny. She has always had a crush on him and is very happy to see him again. Years ago her and Danny made a pact that if they were both still single at thirty they would get married. But no one follows through with these pacts right?

My thoughts

This novel has all the makings of a great romantic comedy and honestly with the collection of characters would make an excellent film.

The characters in the novel were all so different and their flaws made them individual and human. Lydia was so relatable and you can’t help but like her. I absolutely loved Linda and Hazel who were Lydia and Danny’s mums. They were brilliant and eccentric and their friendship really added the comedy element to the story, they really were living their best lives.

The plot, at first, was moving too quickly for my taste. I love more of the chase element in my romance novels and a build up of sexual tension. At first I was a bit put out when I didn’t get this and I was confused with where the plot could go. The purpose behind the timing of the events soon became clear and it became more evident where the plot could go. I found myself enjoying the way that the story played out, even if it wasn’t the traditional timeline of events.

For me, there weren’t too many twists or turns in the story and it almost was predictable. I don’t see this as an issue as in novels such as this the whole point is almost that the ending is predictable to an extent. The characters were fun and the novel lighthearted making it such a good read and also meaning that I didn’t get bored.

The novel was also very up to date with apps and language which I quite liked. Sometimes it can feel like an author is trying too hard to be “down with the kids” but in this novel it felt natural and I like the modern element. But don’t get me wrong, I still don’t like it when authors reference hashtags in their writing, for me that will always be a step too far.

Overall this is the perfect book to read when you want to relax and unwind. If you are looking for a lighthearted rom-com to help you forget about our current situation then this one is for you. I would recommend reading it in the garden as I did yesterday with some gin, it almost felt like I was on holiday.

Do you have a suggestion for the next book to add to my bookshelf? Let me know in comments.  


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