Blog Tour: The Counterfeiter’s Daughter – Victoria Marswell

My rating: 4/5 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

An empathetic psychologist, Madelyn Brighton trusts no one. She maintains a solitary and organized life with a serene view of the beach.

Everything changes when bad news forces her to leave sunny California and travel to Bavaria in south Germany. Amid 19th-century castles and dark family secrets, she must deal with the repercussions of her estranged father’s shocking counterfeiting crimes when she secretly inherits a priceless artifact.
Complications ensue when Madelyn reluctantly partners with the adventurous, blue-eyed archaeologist Jake Nolan. He promises to help her evade Leon Von Füssen, a prominent and wealthy art conservator who keeps them on the run as he tries to get his hands on the valuable museum piece Madelyn hides.

Madelyn finds herself caught in the middle of a rivalry between Jake and Leon. Will she succeed at protecting the innocent victims affected by her father’s mistakes, trust Jake with her safety and open herself to love again? Or will the counterfeiter’s daughter suffer the fallout of her father’s choices?
Join Madelyn on her thrilling journey of romantic suspense—from disillusionment to faith, bitterness to forgiveness, and loneliness to the prospect of love.

My thoughts

This book was so full of action, I don’t even know where to begin!

I loved the characters that Victoria Marswell created in the novel. Madelyn was a headstrong and brilliant character, I was so happy that she wasn’t the stereotypical helpless female and that she had some great personality traits. I really liked Jake as a character and thought that he was such a great counterpart to bounce off Madelyn. Their dialogue was written well and although slow burning romances aren’t usually my thing, I didn’t mind this one at all.

The setting for this novel was stunning and I almost felt like I was there. The book almost took a tour of Bavaria and descriptions throughout the novel really did it justice. It was refreshing to read a novel set somewhere so completely different.

The novel started quite slow for me, maybe slower than I would have liked. However, once the pace picked up I was hooked and desperate to read more about Madelyn and Jake’s adventure. The increase in pace almost seemed out of the blue and I was completely taken by surprise by such a dramatic change.

The Counterfeiter’s Daughter was a such a great change for me. Although this is a romance novel it is unlike any other that I have read. This novel is filled with adventure and suspense which made such a nice change from most romance novels. It was a perfect book to be swept away by and the writing really did the story justice.

I would highly recommend The Counterfeiter’s Daughter to anyone, and romance readers in particular, who feel like they need a change. This book is such an escape into the world of precious musical artefacts and I honestly didn’t realise how much action and thrill could surround them!

Do you have a suggestion for the next book to add to my bookshelf? Let me know in comments.  

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