Review: Dibs – Allison Martine

My rating: 4.5/5 stars

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

When Olivia leaves for a training camp for a new job she thinks these two weeks are going to be deathly boring, that is until her co-workers add bikini and halter top to her packing list. Working for the outdoorsy non-profit was just the change she needed after her cheating husband left her. She didn’t expect a young blonde roommate on the trip who sees the two week training as another spring break. She certainly doesn’t expect her roommate to call “dibs” on the incredibly handsome Adam who seems to have other ideas…

My thoughts

I was kindly sent Dibs by Allison in exchange for an honest review.

This was such a lighthearted and fun romance and I was completely swept into the storyline. The story is set over mostly the first week of the induction course which I found paced the story well. The novel is around 220 pages so the spread of time really worked well with the length of the book. No part of the storyline felt rushed and each moment was given just the right amount of time. At no point was I bored while reading this novel as there was always some action happening.

This is a very character-driven novel and it really helped that they were all so likeable. Olivia is a down-to-earth character and is very relatable, which is something I personally like in female leads. She is funny and in no way perfect which added the human element to her. Adam was a true gentleman and was so sweet yet they still had sizzling sexual chemistry and you spent the whole novel praying that they would get together. I even liked Lorrie, Olivia’s roommate, who was fun and added her youth to the narrative, even if she did make me roll my eyes a little bit.

Although, the novel is lighthearted Olivia has had her fair share of heartache and so had Adam, which added some depth to the novel and made it understandable when Olivia didn’t want to just jump into bed with Adam. Olivia ends up in a lot of amusing situation which also added comedy elements to the novel which made it an enjoyable read.

The novel as a whole was well written and the prose flowed really well. Each character was developed with care and no character was particularly wasted, each one added something to the novel. Overall you could tell that this novel had been well thought out and had been meticulously planned.

It didn’t take me much time at all to finish the novel and I was completely engrossed in Olivia and Adam’s relationship. If you are looking for a lighthearted romance with some sexual chemistry then I would recommend Dibs. It was such a fun read and just the trick to transport me for a few hours.


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