NetGalley Review: Memory of Dragons – Michael G. Munz

My rating: 4/5 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Austin takes a trip to the Welsh Coast in honour of his dead girlfriend, Rhi. It was her favourite place and she visited every year, however he finds that she may not be as dead as he thought. Whilst in Wales Austin meets Corinna who claims to have all of Rhi’s memories and claims that Rhi was a wizard from a different world. Together the pair set out on a quest to protect the thing that Rhi sacrificed her memories to protect.

My thoughts

I was lucky enough to be able to read this advanced copy of Memory of Dragons through NetGalley so it is worth bearing in mind that this book has not yet been released and is due to be published on 15th June 2020.

It is rare that I read fantasy novels nowadays. This is not because of a dislike of the genre as when I was younger I used to devour the fantasy and paranormal YA fiction books. Yet as I’ve gotten older fantasy seems to be a genre that I forget about, largely due to the fact that most fantasy novels are epic sagas that usually aren’t a quick read. Memory of Dragons was such a refreshing way back into the fantasy genre.

The story crafted is easy to follow but yet not so simple that it is boring. The novel is set in present day England and Wales which made such a nice change to most fantasy novels. I did have some reservations as to how this setting would work for a story involving magic and dragons but Munz expertly intertwined these two seemingly opposites. It brought the magic and otherworldly aspects to a more recognisable setting which is quite a unique feat.

There is plenty of action throughout this novel. The story is well paced and no parts felt rushed. It felt like all aspects of this had been thoroughly thought through. At point was I bored during this novel and the action was well spaced leaving plenty of room for the story line.

The characters were likeable and each had their own quirks, making them unique to this novel. Personally, however, the concept of this book was the star of the show and I loved the individuality to it. I also liked how well everything was explained and at no point was I confused with the plot or where it was going.

As a fan of romance novels I was hoping for more of a romantic development between Corinna but that is more of a reflection of me as a reader than it is of the book or the author. I just love a love story!

This novel is filled with action and magic and any fantasy reader would enjoy this book. I would also recommend it to those who don’t usually think to pick up a fantasy book, it is an excellent taster of the genre without having to be tied down to a series.

Do you have a suggestion for the next book to add to my bookshelf? Let me know in comments.  

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